Stag Weekends in Budapest

Budapest is the largest city in East-Central Europe popular for its sky-high choice of places where to have fun until the morning hours with lively international party atmosphere.

  • Experienced Stag Party Organizer with Best Places to Go
  • Cheap Alcohol & Beautiful Girls in Dance Clubs
  • Open Air Clubs open for Summer Season
  • Pistol Shooting, Party Boat, Mud Wrestling & more
  • Great Level of Service for Affordable Price

Hottest activities

Pistol Shooting Partying

Pistol Shooting

Pistol Shooting is for those who like army weapons and extremely tough sports. You may choose 6 different types of guns (Glock 17 - 9 mm, Vz Tactical...

Mud Wrestling in Budapest

Mud Wrestling

Get opportunity to try the dirtiest stag activity ever!!! Take your courage and try to fight in the pool full of mud where naked women fight mutually...

Parting in Thermal Bath in Budapest

Thermal Baths

Swimming and relaxing in the hot water that is what you are looking for. In case you have not been in Budapest before, visit of one of the city's...

Pub Crawl Entertainment

Pub Crawl

Together with pub crawl, you can order our Pub Crawl Bus which can be just yours for the entire evening!

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Latest feedback

Everybody agreed that we would not change anything! The entire weekend was amazing and thanks goes to you guys as you provided us a great time with all the activities we couldn't join without your help. The atmosphere in the city is great and Hajogyari...
Our rep took us to some very fine bars which we returned to during the weekend as well. We especially enjoyed the club on the roof of the department store and she also stayed out with us after she could go home, so please pass on our thanks to her....
We loved the club with two dance floors, one with techno and one with hip-hop music. Shooting and the paintballingall were enjoyed by all and the private strip show went down very well with the group! Dave and his friends experienced shooting,...
We would not hesitate to recommend you guys and you really showed us the best we could do in Budapest. Many good clubs, lap dance and strip clubs, it all was worth the money. Thanks! Marco and his group enjoyed clubbing in Budapest in February 2013.
The three nights in Budapest were unbelievable with so many things to do! During the stay we all were saying how brilliant choice the city was. Overall we were really impressed with all that you provided during the trip. Alex and his friends were...

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