Daytime Activities

Budapest has an amazing choice of day-time activities of all kinds and should you want to spend your time actively (also in the day), your schedule can be busy to the fullest. You can choose from typical stag activities like shooting, painball, quads and go karting or take some special for Budapest as visit of thermal baths, beer bike, private boat cruises and more!


Airsoft stag party team in Budapest
Stag sniper in outdoor area of Budapest
Airsoft battlefield in Budapest
Airsoft sniper in Budapest taking stag activitie

If you're looking for the simulation of military operations similar to paintball you just got it. Outdoor airsoft is a great way how to spend the time meanwhile clubbing and hanging out in Budapest. You can choose various types of airsoft guns with 6-mm or 8-mm caliber, each with 1000 bullets and battery powered motor to swept away your enemy. You will receive replica of military gear and uniforms to look the same as real soldiers and after hard-work performance you will get round of beer for each participant.


Paintball Action 2 Hours

Shooting stag soldiers in Budapest
Paintball action in Budapest is real adventure
Paintball defense
Budapest' s real army field for stag players

Searching for extra fun during the day? That way leave it up to us and spend your stag party afternoon in surrounding of Budapest' s paintball field where you can run among missiles during 2 hours of battle, with army equipment and 200 balls included. Abandoned wood fields and army buildings are the place where you can release your army dreams. When the demanding fight battle will be over, you can refresh yourselves by a cold beer afterwards. This real army duel is a never ending entertainment!


Outdoor Go Karting Race

Outdoor Go Karting in Budapest, Hungary
Stag party go karting is popular day-time activity in Budapest
Go Karting race during bachelor party at 820 metres long track
Try to compete with your mates at the outdoor track

Leave your mates far behind! Go karting is a great option on how to spend an entertaining afternoon during stag do in Budapest. The modern asphalt track near city centre is 820 metres long and 8 metres wide. During the race, each of you will experience warm up laps, qualifier laps and then real race among yourselves on 250cc karts (speed up to 40 mph). A bottle of cold champagne is waiting for winner after the race, but don't worry that the others will end up thirsty as round of beers awaits for everyone!


Indoor Go Karting Race

Stag Go Karting Fun in Budapest
Go Karting Indoor track
Go Karting Race Entertainmnet
Indoor Go Karting Race Stag Challange

Get into a go-kart and become fast & furious. Your group will have great time on modern 300 meters long indoor track. During 30 minutes of racing you will have the opportunity to test your quick reactions and driving skills. After go-karting there is a round of beer and certificate for everyone and a cup for the winner.


Paintball Ultimate Thrilling Action!

Stag Paintball in Budapest
Taking of Stag Weekend in Budapest
Paintball Area in Budapest
Paintball Battle in downtown

If your group loves competition, enjoy the paintball game in Budapest to the fullest! Search to eliminate members of opposing team by shooting them down, try to shoot them with highest number of shots possible and take winning price by applying the best fighting strategies in variety of snipping spots. Unrestricted entertainment ensures stack packed with 400 paintballs and 4 hours infinite battle of your group. Pull the trigger of paintball action and as a reward you will get round of beer for each person and assistance of smiling guide as a bonus.


Football Five-a-side

Stag Players in Budapest Football Pitch
Football Team Stag Players in Budapest
Five-a-side football equipment
Changing room of Five-a-side football in Budapest

Enjoy the the most popular sport and play one hour of football on one of the Budapest's five-a-side football pitches. We will secure the transfers and company of the guide, who will take care that everything runs smoothly. There is no way to fail only to face funny experience you may debate while drinking beer afterwards! Changing rooms with showers are available for you on site.


Quads Speed Biking

Quads Bike Area in Budapest
Quad Budapest Racing Furiously
Furious Funny Quads Gear
Bike Driver Enjoying Stag Party

There's no place for boredom during your party! Take an opportunity of fast driving right now and enjoy Quad Speed Ride on Budapest's off-road circuit which is located roughly 15 miles away from Budapest downtown on parcel of 30-hectare forest. Equipped by full safety equipment, you will have 30 minutes time to drive for each person. After the ride enjoy beers and goulash lunch on side.


Pistol Shooting

Pistol Shooting Partying
Target Shooting in Budapest
Shooting Stag Gear
Pistol Shooting Budapest Entertainment

Pistol Shooting is for those who like army weapons and extremely tough sports. You may choose 6 different types of guns (Glock 17 - 9 mm, Vz Tactical SA 26, Remington 870 Tactical - shotgun, Taurus 357 magnum, AK 47) and different number of shots depending on you shooting package (see below). Before taking this activity, you will pass training with qualified instructor and learn how to handle the real army guns. Afterwards, free beer is waiting for each of you on site.


Daily Relaxing Spa

Spa Relaxing Stag Party
Ladies having fun in the spa
Spa Bath Relaxing
Spa area in Budapest

Take a treatment like a royalty during your stag party in Budapest. Relaxing massage lasting 60 minutes (the type of massage is up to your preference) and detoxing beverages and fruit juices served by qualified hotel personnel included. Obviously we will ensure your maximum comfort by two-way private transfer.


Beer Bike Ride

Stag Do Beer Party
Night Beer Ride during Stag Party
Beer Bike riding Budapest's streets
Beer bike in the centre of Budapest

Beer Bike represents an unique combination of bike and drinking and its clear for us that this is surely something for you party. If you want to link Budapest sightseeing, drinking of beer and hanging out with up to 14-member crew, this is the best choice for you. We will provide you 20 liters beer tank, uninterrupted 2 hours of Budapest ride and sexy babe waitress dressed in Bavarian costume to serve you the beer - which can be paid extra!



Bobsledding track in Budapest
Bobsleding stag paty entertainment
Visegrád furious toboggan run
bobsledding area in Hungary

In the distance of one hour far away from Budapest in Visegrad is located the most popular bobsleigh track in Hungary. It includes two, almost 1 km long tracks with many turns and unpredictable curves in nice surrounding of Visegrad hills, which is also a well-known historical area. Do not hesitate too long and take an opportunity for 10 slides down and get round of beers and snacks for each. Transports included to ensure your comfort.


Cave tour in Budapest

Exploring Stag Team in Buda cave
Stag Cave Party among Cave Rocks
Cave Stag Party in BUdapest
stag Climbing in Cave of Buda in Budapest

Explore the beauty of nature in Budapest's caves and reveal the hill of Buda which shelter 20 kilometers long cave system of flora and fauna only several minutes far away from downtown of Budapest. For your safety you will get professional instructor who is well-orientated in cave system of the Buda hill and all needed equipment. Obviously, beer for each afterwards included.


Tour of Budapest

Budapest Sightseeing
Stag guide in Budapest
City promenade in Budapest
Nice Morning View to Budapest

If you want to take a beautiful tour around the capital of Hungary and get to know a little bit of Hungarian history and sights, this is the tailor-made offer just for you. Look forward to three hours of city tour including views from the sightseeing bus and listening to the guide. Beers are included and served right on the bus!


Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making in Budapest
Stag Cocktail Making
Drink Making in Budapest
Woman Making Stag Drinks

Mix your own drink as a professional barman and impress all around by your skills of making cocktails. A lot of entertainment and creative thoughts are requested. Obviously you can drink up every drink you make and take a knowledge of cocktail ingredients and alcohol drinks. Your will get worthy advises you can practice later at home.


Private Boat Cruise

River Crew in Budapest
Sightseeing Boat on Danube
Having Great Time
Night Budapest's River View

Partying on boat and nice Budapest's view of Danube river. Is this what are you looking for? Do not continue searching and use our unique offer to link the both together. We ensure one hour boat rental which is equipped with a full drink bar. Enjoy Budapest's sightseeing from the river of Danube and let yourself swinging on waves. On request you can order lunch or dinner in boat buffet with mix of cold and hot dishes.


2 Hours Private Boat Cruise

Budapest Stag Party Crew
Night River View in Budapest
Stag Boat Partying on Danube
Budapest Summer Stag Crew

Take a double experience of boat cruising in Budapest. If you love partying, drinking, and nice Budapest's view of historical city you will find all this activities located on board of Danube river partying boat. This double dose of entertainment includes 2 hours boat rental with ultimate cash bar and lovely female guide.


Thermal Baths

Parting in Thermal Bath in Budapest
Thermal Bath in Budapest downtown
Thermal Spa in Budapest
Girls Having Fun in the pool

Swimming and relaxing in the hot water that is what you are looking for. In case you have not been in Budapest before, visit of one of the city's thermal spas which are known world wide is something you can't miss. You will be surprised by offer of Hungarian spa - wide range of high professional services and ultimate scope of possibilities and treatments. We secure your entrance to the area, usage of changing cabins and round of beers.


Day at Races

Stag Party Group in Budapest
Horse Race Track in Budapest
Pretty Hungarian Ladies Watching Race
Horse ricing start line

Wake up your risk-loving spirit in the Hungarian horse track and enjoy more than two hours of excitement and betting. This is the best opportunity how to win some extra money you can spend on partying later, meet pretty ladies and enjoy new experience of betting in case you haven't tried it yet. For better winning chances you will get worthy advises. Round of beer per each person included!


Trabant Trek Tour

Budapest trabant drive
Stag participant taking break
Stunning trabant gear of stag drive
Trabant trek in rainy weather

If you have never experienced trabant trek city view, than this is the right time. Feel wind in your hair and wildness of your mind. This is "Trabant Trek Tour". With our tour, you can enjoy the sights of people watching you riding in stunning car. Obviously you will get several cars - one per two participants, lunch break and support trabant car.


Wine Tasting

Stag do wine tasting
Stag participant tasting choice
Wine shop rance offer
Stag wine tasting

Look, smell and taste different kinds of wine in Budapest. Under supervision of experienced wine expert, you will get basic knowledge about the different kinds of wine but the most importantly, you will spend some nice time with friends. To complete the fine taste of wine, you have to try special cheese and crackers in addition.

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We would not hesitate to recommend you guys and you really showed us the best we could do in Budapest. Many good clubs, lap dance and strip clubs, it all was worth the money. Thanks! Marco and his group enjoyed clubbing in Budapest in February 2013.
The three nights in Budapest were unbelievable with so many things to do! During the stay we all were saying how brilliant choice the city was. Overall we were really impressed with all that you provided during the trip. Alex and his friends were...

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